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Several years ago I discovered that my 2 decades old brick & mortar photography studio was invisible if you looked for photographic services in my town. I could not wrap my brain around this fact since I was the only photographer operating from a storefront at that time. After doing a deep dive I learned a ish ton about Local SEO as I successfully landed my business on page one of Google search for my keywords. That process taught me a lot about the power of Social Media for business. I also discovered many digital tools and apps along the way that were great for increasing my productivity….and here is the BONUS: Most of them were FREE.99!

I have also noticed that The Grown & Sexy (folk that are my age and older) are not taking full advantage of the technology and tools that are available to increase the visibility of our brands.  Welp, if I have anything to do with it, that is about to end!

If you are someone you know could benefit from up-leveling their knowledge about branding on line with social media and/or leveraging tech tools, please check off your interest below AND share with a friend.

After all, why should The Millennials have all the fun? (and by fun I DO mean money!)

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